We’re Building Futuristic Technology to Change the Way the World Gets Work Done

Here at Visos, we see virtual reality as a transformational technology that can be used for so much for than just games.
VR gives users the ability to do, see, and learn anything, without needing to go anywhere at all.

The implications this has for businesses around the world cannot be overstated.
We’re working with bleeding-edge companies to develop innovative training solutions, medical treatments, educational material, and more, all using our next-generation VR headset.

Founded by 19-year-old serial entrepreneur Matt Shumer, Visos is on a mission to redefine how VR is used in enterprise situations. We’re working with some of the largest companies in the world, are a part of the incredible Techstars network, are are being advised by world-class industry experts.

We’ve spent years looking at current VR offerings, and finding ways to make them better. Our mission is to push VR forward in the enterprise space by building the technology platform enterprise VR users need, giving them the ability to integrate VR into their organizations with minimal effort, cost, and time.

Based out of Syracuse, NY, we’re growing very quickly, and are always looking for new talent. If you’re in the area, and want to work on technology that could change the future of the workplace, send us a message!


Matt Shumer
Founder and CEO

Matt has been an entrepreneur since age twelve, when he started his first business selling limited-edition shoes online. Since then, he has founded four more companies: a software company helping shoe sellers increase inventory capacity; an online marketplace for independent shoe sellers; a D2C tennis racquet manufacturing firm, and most recently, Visos. Matt's main strengths are business development, and working at the intersection of business and technology to build great products. Matt spends his time designing Visos' technology, working with partner organizations, and making sure Visos is consistently moving forward and meeting strategic goals.

Nikita Kuckian
Head of Operations

Nikita is an ambitious, driven entrepreneur. She has consulted with top startups across the globe, founded multiple community service initiatives and conducted financial literacy studies all over India. She has facilitated the preparation and sale of reports to prestigious financial institutions, hosted successful entrepreneurial events, and has worked with blockchain, finance, and e-commerce startups, alongside a host of other projects. At Visos, Nikita makes sure strategic initiatives stay on track, and helps manage day-to-day operations.

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