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A Leap Forward for Medical VR

Virtual reality is a window into a magical world with endless possibilities. You may know VR for its gaming and entertainment purposes, but it can be used for so much more. From pain management, to surgical training, to therapy and rehabilitation, Visos is rethinking VR, and building a headset and software platform from the ground up to meet the needs of medical users. These are just a few applications for Visos -- the medical possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

What will you use Visos for?

Current VR Headsets Aren't Built for Healthcare


The medical virtual reality industry has a problem: it's not living up to expectations. The reason? The headsets that are currently available just aren't capable of being used for healthcare, as they're complicated, and built for gaming and entertainment, not medical care.


That’s why we’re creating Visos. Visos’ innovative virtual reality headset will allow healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate VR into their organizations, helping them treat patients more effectively and with less medicine, using only a VR headset.

Truly Healthcare-Ready VR

From hardware to software, Visos is building technology to allow healthcare providers to work with and implement VR quickly and easily. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, and doesn’t require an expensive, specialized computer to run simulations. At the same time, it has enough power to run nearly any application, uses natural input methods as opposed to complicated controllers, and outputs the data practitioners need to make informed treatment decisions.

The medical VR market needs a new headset. A headset without compromises.
That's why Visos is working to build the future of VR hardware for healthcare.

While we can't reveal much yet about how we are building this headset, we can say one thing: Visos' main goal is to harness virtual reality’s full potential to help people live better lives, fueled by a unique machine unlike anything the world has ever seen. We can't wait to show you what we're building!

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